Founded in May of  2000, Orange and Blue was created with the idea of offering both tunnel form and conventional shell construction to its customers.  Serving principally central and southern Florida, Orange and Blue has already made a significant presence on the construction landscape.  To learn more about Orange and Blue please continue through our website.  A summary list of completed jobs by Orange and Blue is available upon request.

Commitment to Safety-

Recognizing the ever present need to provide a safe working environment, Orange and Blue has focused on the need for constant training.  Integrating safety as a core value and a component of the mission statement further highlights the dedicated focus.

  • Periodic “on the job” safety training by an independent safety consultant.
  • Standard drug testing on all new employees.
  • Designated safety coordinators on each job site.
  • Complete health and safety program


Quality in everything that we do-

As a critical component to the formation of the company, Orange and Blue has always worked closely with its key distributors and suppliers of building materials.  Every component ranging from the steel forms to the lumber and concrete is carefully selected to ensure the highest standards in materials are met.

Both direct employees and subcontractors on every Orange and Blue job site are held to the highest standards in workmanship.  Forged through many years of industry relationships and past performance, Orange and Blue has the resources to build a winning team on every job.

Innovative ideas for tomorrow-

The construction industry is constantly changing with new innovative ideas.  We monitor these changes closely through association in multiple trade groups and education seminars.  With more than ten years of sound structural experience and the combined efforts of continuous education, we are always ready to demonstrate our versatility and meet new challenges posed by stricter building codes and innovative building designs.  From the foundation to the slab, walls, decks and roof, Orange and Blue is ready to be a part of your next construction team.